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Republic Honor Guard
Star Forge: Online
July 4th Holiday Guild PvP Event
We thank everyone that took part in the Guild PvP Event. We had 12 people show up out of 16 people. So we had to cut the PvP players down a bit and change positions, but it was still a huge amount of fun.

Team Frel beat Team Flare 2 matches to 1 match. Team Flare took the lead with winning the first match, but after that Team Frel put good plans together to beat Team Flare.

It was a lot of fun and we recorded it from Team Flare's perspective. We hope you enjoy it.

Posted By: Paboe on 09-07-19

July 4th Holiday Guild Raffle
This was a huge success. We had about 38 people show up. We gave out over 1.5 billion credits.

1st Place - 200mil - Sneaky
2nd Place - 180mil - Asina Aura
3rd Place - 160mil - Jedskylark
4th Place - 140mil - Bunsofdurasteel
5th Place Tied - 120mil - Al'roca & Twazala
6th Place - 100mil - Kallen
7th Place - 80mil - Titan Six
8th Place - 60mil - Pagose
9th Place - 40mil - Ori'shereshoy
10th Place - 20mil - Velis'thira

Everyone else got 10mil for taking part in the Guild raffle. So everyone got money.

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone showing up!!!

Posted By: Paboe on 09-07-19

July 4th PvP Event
RHG will be hosting our first ever Independence Day PvP weekend event. For this event, we will be doing PvP challenges/PvP skirmishes. For anyone not aware, those are actual warzones like Voidstar, Novare Coast, Civil War etc. Except we can prebuild teams for them. We will be doing that, except we will be having a battle of the brothers, Team Flare vs. Team Frel. We will have a fair and prebuilt system for deciding what team you are on instead of a draft, that way the teams are fair. These events will be a best of 3 event, and there will be 3 warzones. The Pit, Novare Coast, and Voidstar will be the warzones. Our event will be on July 6th at 6pm est. Adrenals, medpacs, grenades, and stims will all be allowed.

Posted By: Paboe on 30-06-19

July 4th Guild Raffle
Guild Raffle Sunday, July 7th @ 8:30pm ET. There will be 10 winners and everyone else that participates gets 5mil each.

1st Place - 100mil
2nd Place - 90mil
3rd Place - 80mil
4th Place - 70mil
5th Place - 60mil
6th Place - 50mil
7th Place - 40mil
8th Place - 30mil
9th Place - 20mil
10th Place - 10mil
everyone else - 5mil each

Nothing required but show up to the Raffle.

Posted By: Paboe on 22-06-19

Republic Honor Guard New Website
Welcome to Republic Honor Guard's New Website. We hope you all enjoy it and please report any bugs on discord.

Posted By: Paboe on 10-06-19