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Republic Honor Guard
Star Forge: Online
Republic Honor Guard New Website
Welcome to Republic Honor Guard's New Website. We hope you all enjoy it and please report any bugs on discord.

Posted By: Paboe on 10-06-19

July 4th Guild Raffle
Guild Raffle Sunday, July 7th @ 8:30pm ET. There will be 10 winners and everyone else that participates gets 5mil each. 1st Place - 100mil 2nd Place - 90mil 3rd Place - 80mil 4th Place - 70mil 5th Place - 60mil 6th Place - 50mil 7th Place - 40mil 8th Place - 30mil 9th Place - 20mil 10th Place - 10mil everyone else - 5mil each Nothing required but show up to the Raffle.

Posted By: Paboe on 22-06-19